Our King

Where would we be without our fabulous king!!!

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OaklandHills Fenn Mist


SBT 070718 014

Brown Spotted with green eyes.


Sire:OaklandHills Meteor Strikes

SBT 020116 038

Dam:OaklandHills Sterling Mist

SBT 011415 020

Fenn is the kind of king, most breeders wish they had!  He is EXTREMELY easy to live with, never sprays, and lives in our home, as a member of our family!  He passes on his distinctly beautiful markings,  contrasting rosettes and exotic beauty.  His temperament is all we could hope for and more.  He is a happy, well adjusted member of our family, and spends most of his days avoiding the duties of parenthood while basking on the couch or playing with our other (non bengal) housecats. We are very fortunate to have him as our breeding sire, and look forward to many years with him in our lives.