Green Leaves

Available Kittens

Each one of our kittens are unique and special in their own way! We love watching them grow and develop into well socialized, playful, happy cats.  

Here is some info to get you started:

  • Our pet prices range from $1,500- $2,500 depending on the quality, color, and type of each kitten.

  • Breeder prices start at $3,000 and goes up from there. Pricing depends on each kitten's individual quality and type.

  • A $300 (Pet) or $600 (Breeder) deposit will ensure the kitten you choose is held for you from our available litters. The deposit will be applied to the purchase price of your kitten, with the remaining balance due on or before your kitten reaches 12 weeks of age and before your kitten can leave for his or her new home.

  • Kittens are typically ready to go home around 12 weeks of age. We are happy to provide photos and videos of your kitten regularly so you can watch him/her grow up!

  • A sale agreement will be provided for review upon request.

Check back soon for new litters!

Past Litters

Father: OaklandHills Fenn Mist "Fenn"

Mother: You My Heart A-MURR/FI  "Queenie"

3 females and 2 males

Male (Mauve) Reserved

Female (Peach) Reserved


Male (Blue) Reserved

Female (Grey) Reserved

Female (Red) Reserved

Father: OaklandHills Fenn Mist "Fenn"

Mother: Autumn's Hazel Moon "Hazel"

      2 Females

Female (Red) Reserved


Female (Blue) Reserved


Mother: Wildstyle Mysterious Lady

Father: OaklandHills Fenn Mist

4 females and 1 male 

Female Pink (Reserved)


Female Grey (Reserved)


Female Red (Reserved)


Female White (Reserved)


Male Blue (Reserved)